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Motivation through enthusiastic community
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The health calendar is at the heart of Yoosana. With it you plan what you eat and how often you move and how. If everything is done, it is checked off.
And here lies the secret of Yoosana: Through personal compilation of diet and activity - supported by recommendations of Yoosana - you are long term in a position to sustainably achieve your goals.
You will see that you develop a whole new lifestyle.
Take advantage of the extensive and ever-growing recipe and menu database with over 10,000 entries to plan your own personal diet calendar. Just select, drag and drop drag in the calendar, check off the end yet and everything is eaten literally.
Boredom and diet craze was yesterday: Each member can create their own favorite recipes and share them with the world.
Because nothing is as individual as your own meals.
Yoosana sees itself as a social network for your health - for today and tomorrow.
Find like-minded people and friends for joint activities. They form groups on health topics, share your preferences, goals and evaluations.
If you like become a guru for health and help you to reach other members of their objectives. Our experts and companies will support you.
That no other application offers: your health is thoroughly analyzed and monitored by the system at all times. You will also receive valuable individual tips for future planning.
Yoosana offers a variety of different reports that will help you to get a quick overview of your successes.
Keep the tailored suggestions for diet and exercise with Yoosana always in view and you can reach your goals as sustainable.
Build on links with health experts from around the world. Whether nutritionist, doctor, pharmacist, medical practitioner around the corner or the traditional medicine from China - Yoosana makes it possible.
All health experts represented at Yoosana are tested and their range trustworthy. Contact them enter their own data freely when needed and get helpful tips and individual answers in the shortest time.
Stay fit and healthy! Your prevention system Yoosana help you. Prevention means to behave so that it is good for your health and that daily. Yoosana helps you to behave the same way; the long term and sustained.
You do not have to give up what you liked or follow prescribed diet plans. Share Yoosana your preferences and health goals. You get it based personally tailored recommendations on diet and exercise and medically sound analyzes your habits and goals, but you are always responsible for the compilation of your eating habits and your exercise.
With Yoosana first defeat your one's inner self and then keep at it.
An introduction video is availalbe so far in German language only.
Use the slider to find out what you will be charged for the Yoosana premium membership.
Basic features
Health profile
Health calendar
Basic analysis
Recipe and menu data base
Lexicon and health articles
Community to share content
Messaging, blog and stories
Web, tablet and smartphone
Premium features
Personal recommendations
Comprehensive graphical analysis
Feedback with daily and weekly status
Share profile with friends and experts
Recommedation for nutrition and activity
Health tips in health calendar
Event publication
Shopping list on smartphone
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Questions about conditions & restrictions
Who can join Yoosana?
Basically all. For Yoosana is the social network for your health. However, we recommend using Yoosana neither eating disorders or physical ailments.
I am a vegetarian. Is that a problem?
No. Because you have the ability to exclude certain food groups such as meat, fish, dairy products or eggs, so that participation is not a problem for vegetarians. Simply let us know your preferences with.
We want to point out that Yoosana e.g. as part of a vegan diet does not automatically compensates for potential nutrient deficiencies. Questions after they help experts.
What I have to consider with a food allergy?
You determine and control the recipe selection yourself. Choose a recipe that your allergy risk minimized.
For which groups of people Yoosana NOT suitable?
Yoosana aimed at healthy adults and may issue as a serious online coach no recommendations in medical issues. So if you are suffering from health problems or diseases, speak your activities in advance Yoosana please with your treating doctor from.
In the case of severe obesity, we refer to a qualified on-site support, because we can not offer sufficient support as an online provider because of possible risk factors and comorbidities. Participation
is not possible for persons under 18 years. Non-full-year-olds are not sufficient for a legal capacity to make the contract, on the other recommendations in Yoosana are not aimed at children and adolescents.
If you are not sure if the coach is right for you, please contact us via the contact form.
I can not be sporty active. Can I use Yoosana anyway?
Yes. Answer the questions correctly and you are health sports activities not recommended. However, you will then not lose weight as quickly.
How do I register and what happens after registration?
To log in Yoosana, please call on the registration link.
Fill out the form completely. Use to navigate "back" or "continue" button on the form and not the browser navigation.
Please choose your user name carefully because you can not change it later. Under your user name, you can post them in the community, Post a public diary entries or comments. Be about choosing your pseudonym clear.
After registration you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your contract with your access data, then you can use to log in using the login box on the home page in your personal space itself.
Questions about concept & operation
How does Yoosana work?
Yoosana leads over time to a flexible and balanced eating and exercise behavior without counting calories. Yoosana gives specific recommendations, shows possibilities of a healthy lifestyle on, helps to reconsider their own behavior and provides for necessary background knowledge.
It is very important to us that our clients learn to take responsibility for their actions. While we can offer help and support, but the key to personal success must develop each individual themself. This is achieved by the autonomous creation of plans, which is always supported by recommendations of Yoosana.
You always have the opportunity to consult experts if you have any questions or there are difficulties on the way of change.
To get a deeper understanding of our concept, please read the chapter "How it works" on the home page.
Is Yoosana also suitable for professionals with little time?
Yes. Yoosana provides optimum support without much time. Even in the fully packed day the system is your ideal health consultant. For example, cooking is not as many online coaches necessary part of Yoosana.
What distinguishes Yoosana of other systems for weight loss?
In Yoosana it is not just about your weight. Rather, you should learn with this program, to live healthier. Because it pays off in the long run. In addition, some diets can usually show no lasting success. Seen understood Yoosana is a system for the prevention. In addition Yoosana offers a variety of valuable features: A calendar with planning function, advice for alternative dishes, analysis tools, direct networking with knowledgeable experts and much more.
What happens if I reach my desired weight?
First, you can enjoy your success. Then it continues to work for keeping the dream weight is at least as hard, how to achieve it. For Yoosana you continue with advice and practical support to.
In addition Yoosana can do much more. It is a social network for the care of your contacts.
How individual is Yoosana?
Yoosana gives you on you personally tailored recommendations. Yoosana uses the knowledge of your favorite food and sport as well as your general health condition and your goals (health goals and weight goals).
How long will the membership go at Yoosana?
The free membership is not limited. When a contract for Premium Membership, you can choose between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months. Unlike other systems, there is no automatic subscription renewal.
Do I need to keep strictly to predetermined plans for diet and exercise?
There are basically no strict plan requirements. For one, you have the opportunity to make your plans yourself. You use a health calendar that supports you individually here. This health calendar getting to know your preferences and can offer plans to suit your needs after some time.
On the other, but you can also contact experts and they can create plans. There will be matching plans for everyone here.
Can I take personal advisory service?
In Yoosana you will find a variety of tested and qualified experts and consultants (fitness coaches and nutritionists, psychologists, physicians and more). Feel free to raise questions at any time and contact on!
Questions about membership
What types of membership are there?
There is a free basic membership and a premium membership. Choose comfortable premium membership on your desired duration. After completion of the Premium Membership you can continue to work with the system in the free membership. There is always the possibility to extend the Premium Membership or later re-complete.
The Premium membership automatically renewed after expiry of the contract period?
No. In Yoosana you the flexibility to decide on the contract term and do not require a subscription. But should you wish to have a subscription contract please send an email to support [@] yoosana.com.
How long are the lease terms?
In a contract for premium membership you can choose between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months.
What payment methods are there?
Currently only payment by PayPal is possible. You will need either a PayPal account or there, you also have the option with credit card or debit card to pay. The next payment methods credit card and instant transfer are available separately.
Can I cancel the contract?
You can revoke your contract within 14 days after receiving the confirmation of contract by the soveno GmbH.
For this purpose, it is enough to send the revocation by mail within the 14-day period to the soveno GmbH, Waldhofer Str. 102, 69123 Heidelberg.
So we can process your withdrawal without delay, please state in your letter your user name and e-mail address with which you signed up.
How can I cancel?
Premium membership may not be terminated; it expires automatically after the selected period.
Technical questions
Can I use Yoosana with a mobile application?
Of course. Yoosana is also available for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet optimized. However, it may come depending on the device in functional restrictions. In particular, an Internet connection is imperative for the use.
Can I change my username?
Unfortunately, a later change the user name is technically not possible.
If you really wanted to have a new user name, this is only possible with a new application. Contact us in this case useing the contact form.
Why do I need to enable JavaScript?
To make Yoosana more user-friendly JavaScript in used. The program uses JavaScript whenever it is helpful for a better presentation and operation.
Please note that some functions can be used without activating JavaScript, prohibited or restricted.
Why should I enable cookies in the browser?
Thus, the server on which the application is running, the user can identify by calling several web pages of time, he needs a unique identifier of the user for the current session. Otherwise, the user would have to identify at each site. Using a cookie is a simple way for the continuous identification of a user.
The cookie is stored as a small file in the user's browser cache and automatically sent with every request to the server from the browser to the server. This cookie is deleted when you close your browser.
What are the system requirements for my computer?
A prerequisite for the use of the offer an Internet-capable computer, preferably with a fast Internet connection. As a browser, we recommend Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome - each in a recent version. The use of Safari or other browsers may have problems in representation and function result.
Please enable JavaScript to let all program modules work correctly. Also make sure that your browser accepts cookies in your session.
If you have any questions about the required settings, please contact us via the contact form.
How can I change my password?
To change your password, log in or register. Then select the menu item "MY ACCOUNT > SYSTEM > Login & membership". Click "Change Password" and it will open the form in which you can change your password. Note that a double entry of the new password is required please. You then confirm your entry with "Save Password".
How can I request my access data of Yoosana?
Go to the home page and click the link "Forgot Password?". Enter your e-mail address or user name that you specified during registration. Click "Submit" and you will receive in a few minutes an e-mail with further steps to request a new password.
We could not answer your question? Then please contact our customer support: support [@] yoosana.com. One of our representatives will assist you.
Zur Registrierung als Experte / Coach wenden Sie sich bitte per Email an support [ @ ] yoosana.com.
Zur Registrierung also Unternehmen wenden Sie sich bitte per Email an support [ @ ] yoosana.com.
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